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Who is Mike Davies - brought to you by PDWebDev

Who is Mike Davies, what a question it has been asked so many times that I thought I would give it a shot to describe who he is.

Firstly let me begin by stating a few facts my name is Paula Davies and no I am not related to Mike in any sense or form. I am however if he will allow me to say one of Mikes closest friends although after this probably not so much.

Breif background of Mikes path through life

Mike's mum and dad live in South Africa where as Mike lives in England.

Mike decided to become a web developer after failing to be ....

A few facts and some stories

Believe it or not Mike does have other interests other than the web. He likes to play chess and enjoys a good pool game.

Faviourite James bond movie: Thunderball

Mike goes by the name "Isofarro" when blogging and taking part in discussions on the web. As to where this name came from it is a closely guarded secret and if i told you I would have to kill you. Oh and Mike, yes I do know what it stands for but I'm afraid they will close my site down if I reveal it.

Mike and Cooking

Mike being in a bit of a hurry one day (the day before @media 2005) decided to have a pizza for lunch. Mike set the oven to the right gas mark, and grabbed a frozen pizza from the freezer, straight onto an oven tray and into the oven. 12 minutes later Mike walks back to the oven to check how his pizza is doing. To his surprise it is still frozen - with a weird smell, he then places it back in the oven and shuts the oven door, checks that the the oven was set to the right gas mark but then realises that he has forgotten to light the gas.

Mike then presses the ignition switch - cringe. The oven door blows open and a fire ball leaps out across the kitchen. Needless to say it took Mike 6 months before he could use the oven again and he learnt a valuable lesson - If you fill an oven with gas and then use the ignition switch you can get the same special effect as the dragon from reign of fire.

@media 2005 - one of my oldest and favorite stories

My reason for pointing out that Mike and I are not related in any way was to avoid a recurrence of what happened at @media 2005.

Joe Clark after being introduced to Mike and I harmlessly asked Mike if we were married. Mike froze, turned white and then almost shouted out at the top of his voice, "No... no... no... ". I honestly thought he was going to pass out! Any way after studying the look on Joe's face, I explained that we were (and are) only friends and nothing more.

Oh, and something i should mention, Mike does not worship Joe Clark but he does worship the ground he walks on.

Mannequin Antics

As one of my colleagues pointed out I forgot to tell you all about Mike mannequin incident.

It all happened one day while Mike was happily driving along the motorway in South Africa on the way home from work when some thing caught his eye in the distance. Mike, being Mike, did not take any notice at first until the truck pulled alongside him. Being a safe driver Mike glanced at his blind spot and what he saw took his breath away.

It was a truck towing a Fiat Uno but what Mike could not take his eyes off was what was sticking out of the sun roof of the towed car. It was a completely naked female mannequin, Mike could not take his eyes off her as the only thing she was wearing was a piece of tinsel, like a scarf, around her neck. Mike was so transfixed he did not notice a banner riveted to the side of the truck tore loose. To this day all Mike can remember is the mannequin and then the sudden crash as the sign came loose and hit Mikes little Golf. I suppose this really does highlight the fact that you should always keep your eyes on the road.

Web Stuff

Mike first got a look at the internet in 1995 and started out by learning how to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Usenet, gopher and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and the rest well is history.

Mike actively takes part in discussions on accessify forum and is considered by many a good source of information all though at times his discussions can get rather heated.


Mike is nothing but passionate about his work and i admire him for his devotion, but I have to say that I only i was not aware of just how far this devotion went until I happened to brake his "perfect code". I did not set out to brake it it just kind of happened while I was on the page. Mike got quite cross with him self and swore a lot over the hour it took him to investigate.

Mike took the abuse that followed in good spirit but I over stepped the mark a bit with the winding up which resulted in Mike performing his "if i can't see the world then the world can't see me".

I then pointed out that I was actually filming him with my new phone he swore at me. Mike you will be relieved to know that I have lost the footage but I do have a photo of you performing your trick with an @ media bag.

Mike with the @media 2005 bag on his head

During the years when we worked together Mike got on occasion a little colourful and abrupt when he was emailing responses to people and I had to quite frequently de-Mike the content. But this although a recognised skill had to be left off of my C.V. Let me explain a bit more about "de-Mike", it means looking through the content and may be changing it just a little for example

Look you F*@*ing idiot you're not testing it right.

Would be changed to:

I think you are using the wrong test data, Can you please confirm which test case you are performing? Best regards, Mike


Yes like so many of us Mike is a complete starwars fan and tries frequently - and succeeds - to get starwars quotes into his code.

Mike has had several theories about Starwars including the idea that Jar Jar Binks is actually Darth Vader and is indeed Luke's father - but sadly has not managed to convince anyone else of this fact, never mind Mike keep trying!